Welcome to the Doctoral Insights Symposium: Spotlight Vienna!

Are you a student eager to delve into the world of life sciences and think about pursuing a doctoral degree? 

Join us for an event designed to provide invaluable insights into the benefits of a PhD and guide you towards choosing the best program for your academic journey. 

Our symposium features engaging seminars and panel discussions, which will shed light on the opportunities that come with pursuing a PhD in the life sciences. From groundbreaking research to personal growth and career advancement, discover how a doctoral degree can shape your future and open doors to exciting possibilities. Faculty and students will provide advice on what to look for when choosing a program, a project, or a supervisor. 

This time, the symposium shines the spotlight on the rich scientific landscape of Vienna, Austria - renowned for its cutting-edge research, innovative discoveries, and collaborative spirit. Vienna boasts a selection of world-class programs that foster academic excellence and provide a nurturing environment for budding scientists – all in a city and surroundings with outstanding quality of life. 

The Vienna Biocenter PhD program has teamed up with ISTA, CeMM, the Vienna doctoral schools VDS-SEE and MES to offer valuable guidance on selecting the right program that aligns with your interests and goals.  

You will get the chance to virtually visit participating programs individually, interact with representatives of each and gather firsthand information about each program's curriculum, faculty, research facilities, and the vibrant academic community. 

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to gain valuable insights into the path to a PhD in the life sciences.  

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